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  • Patricia Riley

Support Groups: Do they really help?

One of the main benefits of a caregiver support group is that they provide much-needed support, which is especially important when family and friends aren't supportive. Support group members validate each other's experiences, which is essential because many find it a relief to know that what they're going through is normal and that they're not the only one with these feelings--negative or positive.

Support groups are a great place to ask for advice, find out about resources or vent frustrations. You won't have to worry about judgment or confusion from the members in your group since everyone is going through similar struggles. Don't be intimidated when you walk into your first support group meeting and, remember, it's up to you as to when and how much information you share. Everyone in the room was where you are when they first started. Give yourself and the group time.

In addition to the support group meeting held at Vista Cove held on the 4th Tuesday of every month, there are several Alzheimer's support group meetings and other programs for caregivers held throughout the Coachella Valley. Check out the events page on the Vista Cove web site or call 760.324.4604.

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