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  • Patricia Riley

Healthy Habits May Reduce Your Dementia Risk

There's good news for people with a family history of Dementia who are afraid that it will impact their health. A recent study says it's possible to decrease your chances of developing Dementia, according to a Desert Sun article on July 26, 2019.

Researchers observed that the highest risk of developing Dementia was among those with a high genetic risk and an unhealthy lifestyle. The habits that were considered unhealthy were smoking, alcohol overuse, low physical activity and a poor diet. Interestingly, the study's recommendations are similar to the World Health Organization prioritization of Dementia's suspected risk factors.

Needless to say, not smoking, the recommendation of consuming alcohol only in moderation, exercising regularly and following a healthy diet are essential to healthy living. And, there are other benefits to healthy living as it can help lead to decreases in so many other diseases such as heart disease, stroke, cancer and joint problems.

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