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20 Years In Service
Helping Our Community

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Memory Care

Vista Cove at Rancho Mirage

Long-term, respite and adult day program
Why Vista Cove?

Respecting the past, anticipating the future.

Founded in 2003 and locally owned, Vista Cove at Rancho Mirage is exclusively dedicated to serving individuals with Alzheimer’s and Dementia and their family members.With our Life Enrichment Activity Program (LEAP), Namaste Program and unique "neighborhood" concept, residents receive person-centered care by a team of experienced and compassionate Caregivers.


We Care

Vista Cove at Rancho Mirage is specifically designed to meet the memory care needs of individuals with Alzheimer's and other related Dementia and their families. In a Fall 2018 survey conducted with family members, 100% of respondents said they would recommend Vista Cove to a family member, friend or colleague.

Our Staff

Our compassionate staff have the most experience in memory care and supporting families. With the leadership of two licensed nurses and a Medical Director, Vista Cove staff participate in training and mentoring programs developed to reinforce their experience and education in working with individuals with memory loss. And, we have a higher staff to resident ratio than other assisted living communities.


We are a unique assisted living community specifically designed for residents with cognitive impairment. Vista Cove provides a home-like environment or neighborhood for our residents. Each neighborhood accommodates 6-8 residents and features bedrooms, bathrooms, a living room, kitchen, dining room and laundry. Private and companion rooms are available (furnished or unfurnished).

Beautiful Grounds

Located in a residential community in Rancho Mirage, Vista Cove is set against a stunning backdrop of the mountains surrounding the Coachella Valley. It’s not unusual to see snow on the mountain tops or rainbows after a storm. Our lush gardens display numerous plants and flowers, while offering a serene, peaceful and safe environment for residents to enjoy.


Vista Cove's innovative and individually tailored Life Enrichment Activity Program™ (LEAP) assures each resident is engaged in the most appropriate and rewarding interactions. LEAP provides three levels of activities throughout the day: personal, neighborhood and community. And, our Namaste Program helps residents regain a sense of their environment and provides a means for social interaction.


Situated on 2.2 acres, Vista Cove is a gated community that provides secure areas for residents to walk and enjoy the outdoors.  Residents are free to go outside to enjoy the fresh air and sun and are checked routinely by our Caregivers to ensure their safety.

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"My mom has been living at Vista Cove for 3 years. Not only does she love the food, Vista Cove prepares Kosher food for my mom. And believe me, my mom would tell me if she didn't like the food! Ha-ha! You have to find the humor in dementia!"

Alyson L.

"First we had mom in Vista Cove's DayBreak program. Then Respite. Now it is time to place mom and we wouldn't think of having her anywhere else but Vista Cove. Mom is doing so well and I see her every afternoon after work to say goodnight."
— Stephanie V.

“This disease is rough. I am taking care of my uncle from a distance, sometimes out of the country. When traveling, I am always confident that Uncle P. is well taking care of at Vista Cove. I can see when I visit that he really loves the staff. Makes my heart happy that I made the right decision on placement at Vista Cove. ”
— Pam

“My husband was melting away in his recliner at home, not walking and we had to do something. It was so hard, but we knew we needed help. He's been at Vista Cove about 9 months now, walking and talking more than ever. Our visits are nice instead of me arguing with him at home. Thank you Vista Cove!”
— Linda M.

"We had to find a care facility for my Mother in one day, fortunately we were informed about Vista Cove. The staff immediately set up an appointment and all was handled quickly and efficiently. Vista Cove is in a great location; the grounds are lovely but most important the care of the patients was wonderful. My Mother was very picky, yet she thought the place was lovely and liked the staff. Dealing with this sort of life change is stressful but thank goodness for places like Vista Cove."

--Rebecca N.

"My best friends family lives out of the area so I am their eyes and ears for their mom.  Vista Cove is where we placed my best friend. I also told my children, if I get dementia, take me to Vista Cove.  It's also in my will ;)."

--Priscilla V.

"I come to visit a lot and see the love, care and dignity given to each resident at Vista Cove. At some point, this disease took over and help was needed for us."

--Jason F. 

“We always tell Vista Cove they are like our extended family. We come to visit dad as much as we can and the staff are so very kind. My favorite time to come is during karaoke. Sometimes I can even get my dad up and dancing, just like old times. ”
— Jenna B.

"I cannot give enough thanks to you and your staff for returning my wife to good health and keeping her secure and comfortable. You have been good to your word as stated in your brochure."

--Jeff F.

"Everyone needs to know about Vista Cove and their staff. I visit my loved one a lot and see first hand how kind everyone is, no matter what is going on." 

--Jim A.

“I couldn't be happier with the staff, care… don't know what I would do without you. Thank you so, so much.”
— Sarah V.

"Vista Cove did exactly what they said they would to help my husband. I am forever grateful to the staff for all their love and care."

--Jan R.

"Vista Cove did exactly what they said they would to help my husband. I am forever grateful to the staff for all their love and care."

--Jan R.

"My friend doesn't have family and I am his POA and friend. He ended up in the emergency room not walking or talking. Vista Cove came to our rescue!  Not only is my friend doing so much better, he is also thriving, walking and talking better than before with the help of Vista Cove. I can't thank them enough." 

--Ron L.

"We appreciate the staffs care for not only my mom but also the rest of the residents. It is not an easy job, requiring a lot of patience, kindness and good humor. And a huge bonus, the food is really good! We are grateful for all you and the team are doing."

— Kim R.

“One of the many things I love about Vista Cove is the stability it offers mom. I see how they adjust with each person through their journey. When mom gets tough, Vista Cove gets more patience. It's comforting to know that I won't ever have to move mom again.”
— Vickie B.

"Vista Cove's Day Break Program is a lifesaver for our family. And on occasion, mom stays for a few days on respite. We don't want to think about the next step, but know it is coming soon. When it does, Vista Cove is our choice."

--Linda B.

"Update, mom is now living at Vista Cove and loving all the activities!  She even gets up to dance!"

--Linda B.

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